Dormant Dragons was started with the idea of bringing something different to the NFT space in the sense of truly being community-focused. By that, we have a few processes in place behind the scenes that will reward Dormant Dragon holders in a variety of methods. One of which will be Smoke tokens that holders will be able to claim at their discretion, without having to deal with crazy gas fees! Unlike other projects who launch and then try to add utility after the fact, our Smoke tokens will have utility in place on DAY ONE. They will play a factor in a variety of aspects such as community engagement, potential babies, and video games just to name a few. 

We will have a production wallet, in which 2.5% of the secondary market sales will funnel into. This wallet will be used to further the project both in growth and stabilization. We believe that growth comes through collaboration, and you will see a lot of this from our community as we move forward. We also want to make it fun and rewarding to be active in the discord, so we will be doing giveaways to our dedicated community members on a regular basis, stay tuned for more on this!

SMOKE token

SMOKE token

Dormant Dragons will begin accruing SMOKE from day one of reveal. These tokens are used for many activities in our ecosystem of which a few will be live shortly after mint.

Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons

Who doesn’t love babies right??? We want to encourage our community to leverage their Dragons in a way most NFT’s can’t, and that is by making babies!!



Our holders crave utility and we are giving it to them. We will be bringing a gaming experience that only verified Baby Dragon holders will be able to participate in.


Road Map


Phase 1

Launch of SMOKE token to power the long term utilities the project will release. This will include the creation of Baby Dragons, along with functioning as a currency within the community for activities and giveaways.

Phase 2

Introduction of the Dragons Lair, where all Baby Dragon holders can interact with each other and play an increasing number of arcade-style minigames. There will be new uses to the SMOKE token in order to benefit our holders and add utility. We will be adding members to the team as needed to accomplish these goals.

Phase 3

Expansion of the game to let players experience the broader game world that will be in continuous development beginning from earlier phases. Our community will continue to evolve into other aspects of the gaming world such as mobile integration.

Phase 4

TBA based on community desire and feedback.

How much does it cost to mint?

The cost of minting one dragon is 0.08 + gas.

How do I mint a Dormant Dragon NFT?

The best way is to download MetaMask and then to send ETH to your MetaMask wallet to cover both mint + gas. 

How many dragons will there be?

There will be 5,000 dragons in the collection, however around 50 will be withheld for the team and giveaways/collaborations.

How do I get into the whitelist?

You can get into the presale by joining the discord and looking at the announcements channel. In that channel there will be instructions on how to get on to the whitelist.

When is the public sale?

Whitelist/Presale: 11/23/21   Time: 11:00am EST – (Lasts 24 hours)

Public Sale: 11/24/21 Time TBA

When will the dragons be revealed?

The dragons will be revealed a few days after mint out.